Engine Starter Pro-Panel with Flap and Gear

Engine Starter with Flap and Gear PRO-PANEL (Fully Assembled)

Lights Control with master switches PRO-PANEL (Fully Assembled)

Lights Control with master switches PRO-PANEL
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Brand: Cockpit phD

Description: Lights Control with Master Switches PRO-PANEL


-         PANEL
-         BEACON 
-         NAV
-         STROBE 
-         TAXI
-         LAND 

Master Switches

-         ALT
-         BAT


Panel: Aluminium

Switches: Stainless Steel


(1)  No IT / electronic engineering knowledge is required. 

(2)  No interference to your other hardwares, such as keyboard and mouse

(3)  Tested on Windows XP, Vista, Win-7 (32 bits & 64 bits), Win-8 and Win-10

(4)  Designed for General Aircrafts (Single / Multiple Engines, Private / Commercial Aircrafts)


(1) Platform

FSX / P3D (All versions): While this is supporting FSX / P3D direct command assignments, it is recommended to have the latest version of FSIUPC in order to obtain the full control experiences.  Works seamlessly with LINDA.

(2) Payware

Fully compatible with ALL paywares

Dimension: 18.5 cm x 5 cm

Installation: Mounted to your own cockpit or our Panel Stand (Click HERE, Sold Separately)


- 1 unit of Lights Control with Master Switches PRO-PANEL (Fully Assembled)
- USB Cable
- 1 Year Global Warranty

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