PXN Flight Joystick - Airbus Style

PXN Flight Joystick - Airbus Style

Double Wings II Flight Control System for Simulator Pro

Flight SImulator, Saitek, Flight Control System Pro, Airbus
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Description: Double Wings II Flight Control System Pro

Compatible with: Plug and Play, LINDA


Modern engineering, ergonomic design and a detailed fusion of features deliver maximum aeronautical authenticity.  

  • The most fully integrated PC Flight Control System
  • Rubber grips and ergonomic design for increased comfort and fatigue-free gaming
  • Part metal construction for increased durability and authenticity

Joystick : 

  • Precision centering mechanism, non-contact technology on X and Y axes and constant spring force reduce free play, improve control and increase durability
  • 4 fire buttons including missile launcher with spring-loaded safety cover for instant access
  • Conveniently positioned pinkie switch provides shift functionality to double up on programmable commands
  • 2 X 8-way Hat Switches
  • 3D rudder twist
  • Base-mounted toggle switches for up to 6 programmable flight commands

Throttle :

  • 2 fire buttons
  • Scroll wheel with built-in button
  • Mouse controller / hat switch with left mouse button
  • 8-way hat switch
  • 2 x rotary controls
  • Smooth-action slider control

Warranty: 1 Year Global Warranty *

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