No matter where you are located, we are offer you TRACKABLE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING at no additional charge.  If, by any chance, you require the Express services, please contact us at, and we will provide you with the most economical rate..


If the parcel does not fit through the letter box and there is no-one at the delivery address to receive the goods, a card may be left containing details for you to re-arrange delivery or arrange a collection from your local post office.  Please contact them as soon as possible as the parcel may only be held for a few days before it is returned to us and you may have to pay the shipping costs to have the item sent back to you.In most cases your order will arrive within 21 working days, however in some circumstances beyond our control it may take up to 45 days before you receive the goods. If your parcel has not arrived within 45 days after the order date, please contact us to resolve the matter before opening a claim through PayPal.  After you open a claim case via PayPal, we no longer provide customer support and will strictly follow the PayPal requirements in resolving the case.  No goodwill arrangements or special settlements will be offered thereafter. You can also try contacting your local post office to see if the parcel is been held there. In some countries, you may need to pay customs duties or taxes before the postal company can release the goods to you.Please note we take false claims of missing goods very seriously and we report any suspicious activity to PayPal and local authorities.


If the parcel is getting Seized by your Local Customs, Cockpit phD ® will not be taken any responsible for it.  We have NO Guarantee that the parcel will be arrived safely. You have to take your own risk for making the order for the prohibited items of your country.

We follow our normal international shipping procedure unless you inform us otherwise.  If the parcel is returned to us due to the destination custom issue, you will be responsible for all the corresponding shipping and redelivery charges.  In case you would like to cancel the order at this point, the cancellation and handling charge of US$25 / Order will be applied.


While we will take care all the taxes, custom fees and duties incurred at the origin, you will be responsible for the destination import taxes, custom fees and duties at the destination.  Please check with your local governmental authorities if needed.