Lights Control Pro-Panel with master switches

Lights Control with master switches PRO-PANEL (Fully Assembled)

Cockpit phD ® Aluminium Panel Stand for PRO-PANEL (Black)

Aluminium Panel Stand for Flight Simulator, Compatible with all Cockpit phD Pro-Panels
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Brand: Cockpit phD

Description: Aluminium Panel Stand for Cockpit phD Pro-Panels

Material: Aluminium


(1)  Dimension: 11.5 cm (H) x 19 cm (W) x 20 cm (D)

(2)  Holds 2 units on Cockpit phD Pro-Panels or 1 unit of Master-Panels


- This panel stand is ideal for anyone with very limited space to setup their desktop cockpit as well as those needing more racks to add more hardware and expand their larger system

- Compatible with the GoFlight and DesktopAviator Modules


1 Year Global Warranty


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